You must have an acceptable credit history to qualify for the SC State Housing Homeownership Program. Acceptable does not mean that your credit must be perfect; however, you must be "credit worthy" to qualify for a home mortgage loan.

If you believe that you have not established a good payment history, all is not lost. It may take some time, but you will be far better off if you improve your credit before applying for a home mortgage loan.

There are legitimate, nonprofit community-based organizations that can counsel you on repairing your credit and prepare you for homeownership. Check your local phone listing under "Credit Counseling". Beware those that want to charge a fee to repair or change your credit over night. Proper credit repair takes time.

The first step to determining if you qualify is to make certain you fall within our income limits. To determine the income "Option" you fall under, click on "Option charts"; choose the county in which you would like to purchase a home. Pick the size of your household and move to the maximum income column. You must be under this county limit to participate in SC State Housing Homeownership programs.